Voice is an important factor in feminization. Realizing a qualified female voice is the dream of many crossdressers and transgenders. It is easy to make mistakes when trying to feminize voice.

If you want to make your voice more feminine? The following 5 common mistakes need to be avoided.

1. Speaking in falsetto

Trying to mask a deep voice by speaking in an unnaturally high voice – otherwise known as falsetto – isn’t good, either.

Speaking this way doesn’t make you sound like a woman – it makes you sound like Minnie Mouse.

While you do want to raise the pitch of your voice, you never want to go too high. Again, a frequency tuner is invaluable for helping you find your correct range.

2. Speaking too deeply

No surprise here, but if your voice is too deep, you’re going to sound masculine.

How do you know if your voice is too deep? Your best option is to use a frequency tuner to measure the pitch of your voice:

Male voices typically range from 100-150 Hz

Female voices typically range from 175-250 Hz

3. Upswinging your sentences

Women naturally have more “melodic intonation” to their voices. In other words, they are more animated when they speak.

Some crossdressers and transgender women make the mistake of trying to imitate this by “upswinging” their voices at the end of every sentence.

Upswinging your voice tends to make each sentence sound like a question. The result is that you sound like a stereotypical Valley Girl – probably not the type of woman you want to emulate.

4. Pinching your voice

One of the reasons that men have deeper, richer voices than women is because they have a larger “throat space.”

If you try to compensate for your deeper voice by constricting your throat, the result will sound pinched.

5. Whispering

If you are self conscious about your voice, you may try to compensate by speaking more softly.

However, lowering the volume of your voice doesn’t make you sound more feminine – it just makes it impossible to hear you.

Having a voice consistent with your female image is an important part of perfect crossdressing. If you have the right tools and strategies, you can get a satisfactory female voice.